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Types of shots
There are so many possibilities capturing a property from the sky. Below are examples showing the most popular angles in real estate.
Bomb Shot
Shows the property from a bird’s eye view. Great for showing property boundaries and relation to other points of interest close by. *for large properties, such as rural real estate, a bomb shot containing the entire perimeter in one image is not always possible due to legal height limitations.
Orbital Shot
Taken up close at the front of property at an angle of roughly 30-40 degrees from the left, middle and right hand side. *Due to environmental constraints, sometimes a shot might not be possible or will need to be taken from a greater height. This is caused when there is an obstruction in the way of getting the shot, such as power lines, trees covering the front of the property, major roads, etc.
Perspective Shot
Perspective shot is captured at distance from the property. This kind of shot is used for highlighting areas of interest surrounding the property. For example the photo below highlights the local shopping centre close by. *Perspective shots are not included as standard unless specifically requested. There are extraneous variables such as weather visibility, height limitations, geographic elevation in the distance that may prevent from seeing the particular reference point. If requiring multiple or further distant perspective shots, an additional fee will be added.
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