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You will receive a list of all harpists that are available in the area that your event is being held and their confirmed prices.
This is not a booking form. If there is not enough room in the form areas, there is extra space at the bottom of the form.
Event Date
Please provide the date(s) of your event here. If you have not confirmed a date, then put the most likely date. We need something to base the quote on.
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If Your Event Is A Wedding, Please Complete This Section. If It Is Not A Wedding, then please move to Section 2.

Below choose which part or parts of the wedding, you would like a quote for. You can choose just one or any combination. If you want a quote for more than just one part or more than one combination, then let us know, using the box at the bottom of this section.

Church Ceremony
For an average church ceremony, allow up to 1.5 hours. The harpist performs while your guests arrive, your entrance piece, during the signing of the register, your exit piece & while your guests leave the church. If a Catholic ceremony allow up to 2 hours
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Civil Ceremony (non religious)
For a standard Civil Ceremony allow up to 1 hour. The harpist performs while guests arrive, your entrance piece, during the signing of the register, your exit piece & while your guests leave the room. Even if you don't want music for all those parts, the harpist still has to be there.
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Drinks Reception (photos)
This is normally the period between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, when most of the photos are taken.
A standard Drinks Reception is up to 1 hour, but some can be as longer. If your drinks reception is going to be longer than the standard hour. Please provide the length of the drinks reception as well.
Is it for a drinks reception & how long is it?
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Wedding Breakfast (the meal)
A standard Wedding Breakfast is about 2 hours long. If your wedding breakfast is going to be longer than the standard 2 hours, then please provide details,
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Please Provide Any Other Information Here.
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SECTION 2; To Be Completed For All Events.
To give you an accurate quote, we need to know the approximate times of your event. If you are only looking for guide prices at the moment, just guess the times. This will give us something to base a quote on.
Harpist Start Time?
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Extra Information For Timings?
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Venue Details & Location
IMPORTANT; Please remember that many venues & villages in the UK use the same name. Please make sure and provide as much information as you can. Some harpists (not all), will add mileage to their quote, if it is not local to them, so accurate information is important.
Venue Name?
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