Daniel Lesden course. What do you struggle with the most?
In 2015 I started the “Advice” series to help aspiring producers learn about music production tips, DJ’ing tricks, the industry insights, and more aspects of the music career which typically hidden from those who need this knowledge the most.

And while this blog serves a useful purpose, basically it just a bunch of random answered questions with no connections in between; those who just getting started may find it difficult to get any use of it. It’s like a puzzle, you can’t see the big picture with missing pieces

So, I would like to make something special — a full educational course. A course that would cover pretty much everything in music career: from just getting started with DAW to releasing on a record label and playing on a gig. Step-by-step in a coherent way.

But to make this course really tailored for those who need it, I would like to ask for your opinion. Several questions, in fact: about your current experience, career goals, difficulties you are struggling with, and expectations about the course.

Please, take a moment to take a survey and share it to your friends who might be interested in learning music production.


What is your current experience in music production?
What DAW do you use?
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Did you have a release signed on a record label?
If not, would you like to?
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Did you have paid gigs?
If not, would you like to?
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What is your long-term goal in music career and why?
Become a touring artist? Or a resident DJ? Or ghost producer? Or maybe you just make music for fun? Describe your long-term career goal in all details:
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What do you struggle with the most?
How to make "that" bass? Or how to get an audience? Or it's a motivation issues? Or maybe you don't know what to begin with in the first place? Describe the difficulties you are struggling with as much detailed as possible:
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What would like to see in the course? And what's not?
What would you like to learn from the course? What information would be useful to you or what is not? If you watched or read any other courses, what you didn't liked about them?
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What is your email address?
Leave your email address if you interested in receiving updates on the course progression. You'll have a chance to pre-order it first.
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