Ray del Sole - Profile
Ray del Sole
Founder of the Sura Academy
“Change yourself, heal yourself and become who you are meant to be!”
Your Tour Guide Ray
You want to climb your mountain, master your personal challenge and I am your tour guide, who knows the obstacles on the path and also knows which path leads to the summit. I also know what you need to successfully reach the top of the mountain. Together, we take the ascent, step by step, stage for stage, then finally reach the goal. I like to be your personal tour guide, no matter what mountain you want to climb.Working with me means that you are in the focus. With empathy, appreciation and psychological sensitivity, we work together as a team to meet your individual needs. For me, it is important to offer you a success-oriented, safe and efficient treatment of your subjects so that you can return to your mental and emotional balance as quickly as possible. This concept saves you time, money and unnecessarily long suffering.
My offers for You:
I offer you in main spiritual healing and coaching with a bright background of spiritual knowledge and practice in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and past-life-therapy. As a professional project manager I can help you to accomplish your goals in life and on the spiritual path. We will work on dissolving your blockades, activating your personal resources of power and supporting you in managing your challenges.
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