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Students interested in participating in the 2017 PTSA Reflections Art Contest should submit their contact information in order to receive contest guidelines and details about the program. The theme for this year is "Within Reach." All art entries must reflect this theme with original art work and/or videos created by an individual student. Students may enter as many times as they like and in as many different categories as they choose as long as each entry is an original work of art created for this year's theme. Each entry must have an entry form attached to be considered for judging. The deadline for completed works to be turned in is November 10, 2017. Judging will be held to select up to 12 school representatives to advance on to the Wake Council contest. ALL student artists will be recognized for their participation in the program. Please direct any questions to
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Clarifications for Visual Arts 2-D (any painting, drawing, collage, fabric art, etc. that is less than 1/2" deep), Visual Arts 3-D (any sculpture, jewelry, fabric art, etc. that is more than 1/2" deep), Photography (single images or collages, but no text or decorations may be included)
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