Opportunity Starts at Home-Indiana Coalition Commitment
Opportunity Starts at Home Indiana (OSAH-IN) is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations that value healthy, vibrant, inclusive communities for Hoosiers of all ages, incomes and capabilities. OSAH-IN is a campaign dedicated to addressing our affordable housing crisis. We recognize that housing affordability is central to improved outcomes in health care, food security, education and more. We believe proven solutions to ending homelessness and housing instability exist, but a multi-sector federal advocacy movement is essential to create the political will implement them.
By joining the OSAH-IN Coalition, your organization agrees to:
*Be committed to the purpose stated above;
*Appoint a representative(s) to attend quarterly meetings;
*Read updates sent to coalition members to stay up to date;
*Engage your organizational members, partners, and networks in advocacy actions as appropriate;
*Allow your organization name to be listed on Coalition membership lists (website, coalition documents).
Benefits of membership include:
*An opportunity to impact federal budget priorities;
*Connect and partner with organizations of other sectors with shared values;
*Access to Coalition website and resources;
*Attending educational events;
*Connection to other members and priority populations.
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