Uniqueness in Christ Table Sign Up
This form is to sign up for a table at the Uniqueness in Christ Event being held on June 8, 2019. Each country will receive 1 6 foot table to display their cultural items and food. We ask that in an effort to keep the event organized, you have two volunteers per table. If you feel that you will need an additional table, please indicate such in the "additional information" section as well as any other needs. Beginning May 5th, there will also be a table in the foyer to sign up.

With any questions about this form, please contact Lexi Brown at alexissbrown4@gmail.com

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Please upload a photo(s) that you would like us to use for the introductory slideshow. This can be a photo of yourself or representing country. *
Additional Information. In this section, please indicate if you will require an additional table, any additional information you would like us to present in the introductory slideshow, or any other needs.
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