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5 years ago I lost 53 lbs in a relatively short period while utilizing this program's amazing nutrition plan.  As it became clear to me that losing weight was not the true solution to my weight problem, rather it has been the journey of this pursuit,  that has opened and is opening my mind and spirit to so much more in my life. Even though I started this program as a diet it has been beneficial to my long term journey of health and wellness.

Since we are all dealing with our health and wellness for as long as we live, why not journey together with like minded people!  I am looking for more friends to be WITH me on my journey. As a  wellness coach I will guide you along your journey!

Here is some brief info on this program. The results are clear: the tools we use in the program are life changing and they are meant for life

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My Personal Journey -  So very grateful for that I found this program and am able to share it with others! The 3 photos below reflect my journey.
The factors that make this program effective are:
And of course you will have me as your coach to answer any questions and provide direct support. I will be on this journey with you - so we could help each other. It's more fun doing this with a friend!  
At the bottom of this page you'll find a short questionnaire. If you are interested in hearing more - fill this out so I will see your information and be in touch!
Barry's Story - (As told by his wife!)  "This is what commitment to change looks like.This is my husband Barry. When I tell you he has done ALL the programs, he has. He also worked out a lot. He’s lost and gained the same 50-100 lbs over and over. He started this program on 7/2/2020 with me. We had both settled on the idea of having WLS. He was actually a few months in to the pre approval process. He decided to try again and this is the result. 129 lbs lost in a little over 9 months. I’ve watched him lean into this whole program, own his journey, and literally come alive. He’s especially enjoying shopping wherever he wants to shop. He went from being a couch dad to hiking and biking weekly to use up some this energy. His change is causing a ripple effect in our family and community and he’s paying of forward. He wants to help more people join his inspiring and essential community to stay healthy for life!"
Michelle's Story - "I have always been conscious of what I ate and exercised, but always carried quite a bit of extra weight. I am finally able to say I am HEALTHY and HAPPY with my body!!! I love how much more energy I have and how much better I feel!"
Wade's Story - "I began my journey with zero energy and lots of doubt. Not doubt about the program, but about my ability to stick to it. I reached my goal of losing 100 pounds on my 50th birthday. The best birthday present ever! I now have SO MUCH energy and I'm convinced that if I can succeed with this program, anyone can.I feel like I got ME back!"
Susan's Story - "So, this happened this morning- I reached my goal weight!!! I actually thought this would never happen. ever! I think I last saw this weight was for about 5 minutes in 5th grade. I am in a little bit of disbelief, but the program...has made me see food and how I relate to it in a totally different way. My mental health and my relationships are better. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch out world- Here I am!"
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