Cupertino GTCA Contacts
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Date of the initial contact
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Specify in "Other ..." if not one of existing choices. Put address range if door knocking.
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at the venue. Check all that applies
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of the contact
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Street Address
Street address, including apt# or suite#
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Additional information useful for follow-up
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Contacting Saint
Name of the saint who made the intial contact. Leave it empty if missing.
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Openness *
Your feeling for the contact's degree of openness to the gospel
Rcv *
Did the contact receive a Recovery version?
Did the contact receive a tract?
Books, not including Rcv, received by the contact; check all that applies.
Did the contact pray and receive the Lord through our contact? Not to indicate if he/she is a believer.
Was the contact baptized through our contact? Not to indicate if he/she was a baptized believer.
Bible Study
Was the contact open to attending a bible study?
College Campus
Leave it empty if not applicable
Assigned to Saint
If assigned, the name of the saint(s) who are assigned follow up with this contact if they are open to being contacted
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