Infinite Results Mastermind Application
Please fill out this short application. We want to ensure that all members are a good fit for the group and that we have the highest caliber men in the group. This also helps me get to know you a little better and that we make your experience in the Infinite Results Mastermind the best it can be!
In what areas of your life are you not happy with your results? Examples would be health, fitness, relationship, wealth, communication, etc. *
In those areas, why do you feel like you aren't getting the results you want? *
What critical skills do you think you need to improve on? Example of a critical skills might be time mastery, budgeting, goal setting, communication (spoken or written), emotional mastery, etc. *
Up until now, what have you done in the past to try to positively change your results and/or improve your critical skills? *
There are many free resources out there (books, podcasts, e-courses, etc.) that can help you get to your results. What do you see yourself gaining by joining this group? *
On a typical day, what would you say is your overall emotional state? *
Ready to conquer the world!
What do you think would need to change in order to make that a 10? Or if it is a 10, what are you doing in order to maintain that feeling? *
Anything else that you would like to tell me about what's keeping you from crushing your excuses?
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