Typo Report
This is your handy dandy place to report typos.

Please note that the Furred & Frond Management doesn't typically respond to typo reports.

Approximately half of the typo reports we receive are usually complaints about regionalisms (AKA, the narrator uses a slightly different variant of English than the complainer does, thus they believe their form of English is, without fault, the correct one.)

Complaints about regionalisms are chucked into the ether without commentary. They are not corrected because they are not issues.

A quarter of the typo reports we receive are actually errors. We thank you for those reports.

The final quarter of the typo reports are from people who think they understand how English works and are there to tell us their, as in the possessive form, is actually spelled they're, and I've ruined the book for them. (There is nothing quite as embarrassing as having to inform someone they don't know what they're talking about.)

If you send in a particularly heinous 'error' report, we may link you to the Chicago Manual of Style to educate you on why you are butchering the English language, to please stop butchering the English language, and perhaps to never take up a career editing.

We usually just fling things at the nearest wall while ejecting the 'error' report into the ether.

P.S.: ** towards/forwards, and so on, are not mistakes. They are deliberate choices, and we of the Furred & Frond Management do not care if we have been corrupted into using Canadian or British English for these variants.

** The female lived in Canada for many years, and as such, she writes a blend of American and Canadian English. She will not be making changes to that element of her writing, as she likes it. (But thank you for noticing we use the s. It is intentional.)

Please report errors into the form like this:

Book Title: Sentence with Error - Note about Error

Which would become:

Playing with Fire: I slammed on the breaks. - Brakes.

Generally, no explanations are needed for obvious typos. Yes, that typo is actually in Playing with Fire. (Though by the time you see this, it will likely have already been corrected.)

Thank you!

Note: it is really, really important you include the COMPLETE sentence or paragraph. If it is a single word sentence, please include at least five to ten words nearby so we can locate the error. If we cannot locate the error, we cannot fix it.
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