Ignite the Spark: A Three Year Cycle of Workshops Aimed at Initiating Congregational Renewal
Like humans, churches have life cycles. It is a natural process, but it can be a scary thing when membership plateaus and attendance begins to decline. Recognizing the causes will help in deciding on a course of action. The Presbyteries of de Cristo and Grand Canyon have received a grant to aid in helping congregations to begin and continue a transformational way of life. Transformation is the process of intentionally moving into a new reality and way of being that helps congregations envision what God is calling them to be for their community and for the Kingdom of God. All churches are in some state of being transformed and presbyteries must have resources available to assist them.

This workshop is free to pastors and congregational leaders (limit 3 ruling elders per church) and available on a first-come, first served basis. Registration includes a meal, workshop registration and hotel for anyone travelling over 50 miles to attend.

Click the following link for a complete list of workshops (to date) and their descriptions: http://pbygrandcanyon.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Complete-list-2016-2017.pdf

April 21 Registration
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Growing Ministries of Evangelism- Rev. David Ezekiel, San Francisco Theological Seminary
The Rev. Dr. David Ezekiel will present on encouraging, developing, initiating and growing ministries of evangelism through the congregation. Dr. Ezekiel has extensive experience in what he calls “congregational redefinition (renewal and transformation) and is currently studying evangelism strategies on the West Coast and how they may reshape congregations and impact the culture. Dr. Ezekiel currently serves as the Ford Fellow at San Francisco Theological Seminary’s Center for Innovation in Ministry.
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