Dialogue with the Body
Qi Gong, Creative Movement and Dance workshop:
Without any fears and judgments,
we open the body and mind with imaginations.
Connecting with ourselves through moving and sensing.
In playful experiments, we see our unique ways of expression and become aware of our patterns.
We improvise while connecting with our strengths and exploring new possibilities.
We dance creatively, being in synch with our body.
Structure of the workshop:
1. Warm up through sensing and connecting with the body using imaginations to open up different body parts. Play with movement textures while continuing exploring the natural flow of the body.

2. With partners, experiment with forces and echoes in the body. Through games, go beyond our familiar movement patterns and limits.

3. Through improvisation, integrate the movement experience with sound/music and physical contact. There will be time for a group creative dance.

4. Settling the mind and body. Relax and reflect.

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