Your Opera Day Requests!
WRTI's Annual Opera Day is coming up on Saturday, November 14h. This year, to make it extra special, we're taking your requests.

What aria, duet, overture, or chorus, etc—from a beloved opera, operetta, or recording featuring your favorite vocalist/s—do you want to hear on Opera Day?

Please take a minute to fill out our super-easy Opera Day Request Form. We'll do our best to program as many requests as possible between 6 AM and 6 PM on Saturday, November 14th.
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Name of vocalist/s (if applicable)
Why did you choose this work? Do you have a special memory associated with it? Please tell us about it here and we'll share your story on the air!
Is this request a dedication to someone? If so, please give us the details. and we'll read it on the air!
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