Milwood Neighborhood Garage Sale: Saturday, Oct. 5 - LIST & MAP at:
Sign-up to get listed on website, craigslist, nextdoor and more! MNA will pay for a Statesman Ad and post additionally to craigslist, nextdoor, facebook, website and neighboring facebook groups.

A listing is free to all current dues paying MNA members. If you aren't current simply pay your $15 dues and get listed (or $5 for just a listing). Not sure if you are current, simply complete this form and we will let you know if you are. Your $15 dues will also get you access to the Batteries, Oil, Paint and Anti-freeze Collection Event (plus Styrofoam) in the spring.

The more homes we have signed up the higher the number of shoppers we have found to show so if you plan to have a sale please register with us and get lots more traffic!
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EX--12006 Cabana Ln
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We ask that you be current on your MNA Dues or pay $5. This helps us off set advertising/signage costs.
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