2019 Climate for Change Fundraisers
Thank you for expressing interest in fundraising as part of our 2019 crowdfunder!

Your efforts will actively contribute to achieving meaningful action on climate change in Australia. Last year we had over 100 fundraisers raise $165,000, and this year we're aiming even higher - we want to raise at least $180,000! You are an important part of making that happen so thank you for wanting to get involved. We appreciate your support so much!

To help us help you, please fill in as much information as you possibly can. However, if you aren't sure of some of the answers yet, please don't let that stop you from filling in the form. We'd love to have a chat and help you get involved!

If you have any questions, please contact Marta, our Fundraising Officer, at 0468 406 008 or marta@climateforchange.org.au. Thank you!
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