Cool It - STEMS
Please complete this form and we'll send you a download link to the Stop Fighting STEMS. We're stoked to hear what you create! Be sure to tag @giantpandadub when you share and upload your finished creations here We'll share our favorites and may even officially release the best submissions.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing the STEMS of most of our catalogue. We want Giant Panda to be there for you even when we can’t be there with you. We have gone to great lengths in our career to harvest the best sounds. We have worked in top tier studios with gifted engineers who have captured our time and experience into WAV’s. Now these sounds will be available to you to create from the ground up. Remix your favorite Panda tunes, sample a funky clavinet, or just see how different balances of sounds drastically change a musical experience. All that we ask is that you enjoy yourself and share them with us. This is a time of revolution and we all need fresh music and beats. We hope that these releases arm you with the tools to inspire and stay creative. It all comes together to make one sound. In this foundation.

For years, singers and players of instruments on recordings have been sampled with no credit to follow them. We are now in a time where this credit can be kept track of and kept accountable to the original players. Please be aware of this as you agree to the below and move forward to create using these sounds engineered and created by the singers and players associated with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.
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