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Help the world fall madly in love with films #DirectedbyWomen!
Put your creative gifts toward helping the world discover, explore, celebrate and fall madly in love with films #DirectedbyWomen. As we prepare for the 3rd annual #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party - September 1 - 30, 2017 - interns will be an integral part of the process of reaching out to film lovers/makers/industry insiders/critics/others to invite participation in this joyous grassroots, D-I-Y global celebration, continuing to build awareness of women directors and their work by expanding the list of women who have directed (over 10,000 and growing), blogging, interviewing, communicating on social media, tracking the party on a global map, and more.

The #DirectedbyWomen internships are unpaid, volunteer positions. Interns will work remotely from wherever they are in the world. Interns will be invited to mobilize their skills and ideas creatively as highly valued members of the #DirectedbyWomen initiative.

I'm so appreciative that you are interested in contributing your time and talent to the #DirectedbyWomen initiative. Thanks for stepping up to help transform the planetary consciousness around women's authentic creative expression through film in a celebratory way. I look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Ann O'Leary
Catalyst, #DirectedbyWomen

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