Pastor's Reference Form
This form is required before May 1st in order for youth's to be accepted into Youth Musicale. A pastor, youth pastor, sunday school teacher, etc. may complete the form. Responses will be kept in strict confidence.
Name of Applicant *
Name and Address of person giving reference *
How long have you known the applicant?
In what capacity have you known the applicant?
Give any information you can concerning home conditions, family background, or other factors which might bear upon the applicant's suitability for ministering on the Youth Musicale tour.
Attitude toward new ideas:
When given leadership:
Physical health:
Effectiveness of leadership:
Willingness to serve others:
Emotional responses:
Please check any of the following words or phrases which you think accurately describes the applicant:
What are your impressions of his/her relationship with Jesus Christ?
Please choose the phrase below that best fits your recommendation for this applicant:
Please share anything that you feel that we should know.
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