The Exhibit Change Designership Application
This application process is not a test. There are no answers we are looking for other than your honest opinions and ideas. This designership is about diverse minds so show off how unique you are.
About You!
We want to learn about you. Please answer these questions honestly and passionately.
Name (first and last)
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Email address
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Phone Number
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Social Media (where can we find out more about you online? ie Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc)
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What is your background, education and experience?
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What would make you a good fit for the Exhibit Change Designership?
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What are your big burning questions about the gap in education and community? (What would you be interested in exploring through this designership?)
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This designership is about face to face collaboration at the Learning Retreat, Studio and working sessions. It is imperative that the cohort gathers for this interactions. Please indicate your commitment to each of these face to face sessions and your preferred ways of connected in between sessions.

All travel logistics and costs will be the responsibility of the participant.

Will you be able to attend the 2-day Learning Retreat in Fall 2016? (date to be set by cohort)
Will you be able to attend the 2-day Studio in Spring 2017? (date to be set by cohort)
Will you be able to attend the 2-4 working sessions through out the designership? (dates to be set by cohort)
How would you prefer to stay connected between working sessions?
This program is funded by the participants, by Exhibit Change and by generous sponsors. To make sure the cohort is dedicated, there is a cost.

The cost is $1600 plus HST. (subsidies are available upon request up to 75% off)

The cost covers administration, facilitation, room bookings and materials.

Will you require a subsidy?
If you said Yes, please indicate a reason why you would like a subsidy and how much you could afford to pay to participate?
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Anything else?
This designership is about the cohort. Please let us know if there is anything else you might be thinking.
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This desigership is about the people. Is there anyone you think might make a great fit? Please provide their name and email address.
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How did you hear about the designership?
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