2018 AnimeIowa Karaoke Contest: Karaoke Reverse!
Welcome to AnimeIowa's very own Karaoke Contest: Karaoke Reverse! Unlike a traditional Karaoke Contest, this contest is all about your performance, not you singing ability. Entries can sing, dance, rap, play an instrument and more to put on the best performance, entertain the audience and win the hearts of our judges for awesome prizes!

In 2018, Karaoke Reverse will be held on Saturday from 5pm-7pm. Before submitting an entry please make sure you can attend!

Judging Criteria:
Each entry will be judged on the following areas: Song Knowledge, Audience Reaction, Entertainment Level and the Entry Participants Excitement! Potential Awards include Best Overall, Runner Up, Most Entertaining, Audience Choice and Judges Choice.

General Rules and Guidelines
Each participant can only enter up to 1 Solo and 1 Duet.
Entries must be kept PG13.
General Convention and Hotel Rules Still Apply for this contest.
Any performance medium is welcome as long as it follows convention rules. If you have questions about if something would be allowed please email Paneling@animeiowa.com to verify.
Background Dancers are allowed. However if your entry wins they will not receive the full prize.
All participants must be registered attendees and have their AnimeIowa Membership Badge on them to compete. Contestants without a badge will be asked to retrieve their badge or register before they are allowed to perform.
Feel free to support your friends and other participants! The audience also has chances to win some prizes!

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns please email us at Paneling@animeiowa.com

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