Squawkin' Good Showdown 2017 - Vote for the Top 32!
It's back! Squawkin' Good Radio's very own musical March Madness tournament is gearing up for another year, and it is up to you, the listeners, to choose which 32 artists get to compete this year!

Below, there are over 200 artists you can choose from, listed in alphabetical order, all who have been featured on my show in the past year. Check the box next to each artist you want to vote for. Vote for as many as you like, but you must choose at least 8. If there's an artist who's not on the list who you would like to vote for, put their name in the box at the bottom. They will be considered as long as they've been active in the past year and their music would be a good fit for Squawkin' Good Radio.

You have until Tuesday, March 14 at 5 pm to vote for who you want to be in this year's tournament. The 32 artists who receive the most votes will be selected to compete in the first round. The artists who get the most votes will be the highest seeds and be the most likely to advance to the next round. The 32 artists who make it into this year's tournament will all be played on the March 15th edition of Squawkin' Good Radio!

The twist this year is that the tournament will be divided into 4 themed divisions that will be determined by which 32 artists are chosen and how they are seeded. Once we are down to final four, each of those artists will get a special writeup and Spotify playlist on squawkingood.com. This year's champion will receive an hour dedicated to their music as well as remixes and covers of their songs on Squawkin' Good Radio's April 19th show.

Vote for which artists you want to compete in Squawkin' Good Showdown 2017. *
Check the box next to each artist you would like to vote for. You can choose as many artists as you want, but you must choose at least 8. If there is an artist you would like to vote for that isn't in the list, put their name in the "other" box at the bottom of the list. I will consider any artist as long as they are within the genres of music played on Squawkin' Good Radio and they are currently active (have released new music in the past year). Then click the blue box to finish.
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