ESR Journal Survey - Factors in choosing a scientific journal for publication
This survey is designed to better understand the factors researchers take into consideration when choosing journals to submit their work to. Your input will support the ESR Journal’s mission, to provide resources, support and advices for early stage researchers in the process of publishing their scientific work.

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer our questions. We would also appreciate your help in passing the survey on to other researchers who might be interested in contributing.

If you have any concerns or questions about this survey please email us:

Many thanks for your input!

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Current status *
Field of science *
Country of residence *
Affiliation with any professional or students / early stage researchers association/organization?
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Have you ever received training at your institution on scientific publishing? *
If yes, does this training includes how to find suitable journal for your scientific paper(s)?
How many peer-reviewed publications have you published? *
How important are the following factors for you when choosing a journal to publish your research: *
Most Important Reason
Very Important
Slightly Important
Not Important
Supervisor / Mentor / Head of department recommendation
Colleague recommendation
Librarian recommendation
Impact Factor (IF)
Open Access Policy
Amount of the Publication Charges (APC)
Fast review and publication process
Article Level Metrics (ALM)
Journal restrictions (e.g. words limit, figure limit)
Journal Editorial Board
Peer review
Indexing (e.g. PubMed, Scopus, WoS,...)
Reputation of the publisher and/or of the journal
Are there any other significant factors that influence your decision to submit to a specific journal?
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Select the sources of funding used to cover the article processing fee for your recent publication(s). (Check all that apply) *
If you have previous experience with publishing research papers in peer reviewed journals, please share it in few words, e.g. How satisfactory was the editorial process/communication with editors? What was the most unsatisfactory part? (Optional)
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Are you interested in learning more about the journal editorial process?
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