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THIS FORM WILL CLOSE AT 23:59 (PT) ON WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2020. Please contact dschandl@sfu.ca and changyic@sfu.ca if you have any questions.

Women in Computing Science (WiCS) is holding its annual peer mentorship program this Fall and Spring! We provide newly admitted women/non-binary Computing Science students with the guidance and support to adapt to university life at SFU and succeed in their programs.

As a mentee in this program, you will be put in a group of 1-2 women/non-binary mentors and 3-5 women/non-binary mentees. You will have the opportunity to take part in virtual mentorship meetups, where you can ask your mentors questions, and get to know your mentee peers.

Mentors are experienced Computing Science students who will meet with you on a monthly basis in the Fall semester (i.e. 4 times) and 2 times in the Spring semester. These meetups will provide you the opportunity to discuss issues that you've encountered in your time at SFU and answer any of your questions about university life, courses, career, etc..

This mentorship program is NOT meant for academic/technical help. It is not appropriate to ask your mentors for help with your schoolwork. They can, however, give you study tips, point you to academic resources, and recommend tutors.

We will try our best to accommodate everyone who signs up to be a mentee, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Mentee Requirements:
- Self-identify as a woman or non-binary.
- Be an undergraduate or graduate student at SFU.
- Be currently enrolled in a Computing Science program or related discipline.
- Be taking at least 1 course in Fall 2020.
- Be new to SFU and/or to the Computing Science field.

Mentee Benefits:
- Make new friends during quarantine! (It's a lot harder to make friends when classes are not in person.)
- Meet other women/NBs in your program/classes.
- Receive guidance and tips from your mentors.
- Meet your mentorship group on a monthly basis during the Fall 2020 semester (i.e. 4 times) and 2 times during the Spring 2021 semester for 30-60 minute meetups.

Expectations of Mentees:
- Be punctual for meetings and come prepared with questions for your mentors.
- Don't ignore your mentors and/or fellow mentees.
- Don't ask your mentors for explicit help with coursework or academic advising.


Q: I'm not fresh out of high school. Can I participate as a mentee?
A: First-year students, second degree students, graduate students, (prospective) (internal) transfer students, et cetera are all welcome to participate as mentees. If you have completed several semesters of a Computing Science program at SFU, you might want to participate as a mentor: https://forms.gle/cPQcjM4dFEcLFSSk9

Q: I identify as non-binary. Can I participate as a mentee?
A: Yes. However, we cannot guarantee that your mentors and fellow mentees will also be non-binary. It is more likely that they will be women.

Q: What kinds of things will the mentorship groups do?
A: Due to the covid-19 pandemic, mentorship groups will meet virtually over Zoom or other videoconferencing software. We expect that most groups will have lots to chat about! We are also working on getting some funding so you can buy coffee or crafts supplies for yourself to drink/use during the mentorship meetups, and the WiCS Treasurer will reimburse you via e-transfer. Depending on public safety guidelines and other circumstances, it may be possible for some mentorship groups to meet in-person outdoors a few times.
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Why we're asking: so we can gauge where you're at in your CS journey and place you in the appropriate mentorship group.
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Why we're asking: so we can gauge where you're at in your CS journey and place you in the appropriate mentorship group.
What concerns do you have about coming to SFU or starting your program?
Why we're asking: to build a document of anonymous questions/concerns to tell our mentors a little about their mentees.
What do you hope to gain from the mentorship program?
Why we're asking: so we can make the program work for you. :)
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