Team Placement Questionnaire
Please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire so that I can properly place you within our amazing team. There are no RIGHT or WRONG answers, just honest ones. There is a place for EVERYBODY on my team, but proper placement and strategy is key to an effective and successful team. I want to make sure those who would like to sit back and enjoy the oils to be able to do so while allowing those who crave a leadership role the opportunity to gain the resources, training and tools to shoulder that responsibility with grace.
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Location (City/State)
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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Please take this space to introduce yourself and tell us how/why you ended up considering doTERRA as a tool to better your health and/or financial wellness.
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What are your business goals with doTERRA
How many hours per week are you willing to work to achieve the pay rank you described above?
How long would you be willing to work those hours to obtain the pay rank you described above?
Are you able to place and maintain a monthly LRP order while building your business? (While you are not required to purchase anything doTERRA can't advance your rank or even issue a paycheck if you have less than 100PV monthly)
What is the motivation that drives you to obtain the above mentioned earnings? (new car, pay off mortgage, financial freedom, time freedom, to give more to charity, travel more, etc...)
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What is my experience with doTERRA oils right now?
If you are already a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer with another team, have you been INACTIVE with your doTERRA account for over 6 months?
If you are married how supportive would you say your spouse is about you starting your own business?
Not supportive at all
Encouraging me to do so
How self motivated would you say you are?
I like to be told what to do and how
I love to figure things out myself and will search out what I need without being told to do so
While building your business how many oil classes per MONTH are you willing to teach/host? (either personally or for a wellness advocate on your local team)
Where would you say your strongest circle of influence is located? (for example: church, workplace, family, friends, social media, etc)
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How large would you say your circle of influence is?
I only interact with a few people regularly and am not involved with many activies.
I have a large network of people that I interact with regularly personally and/or through social media.
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