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What is this, anyway?
PandeMic: It's a digital open mic during a pandemic! Are you losing your mind like us? Interested in performing something you'd never usually perform? Did your show with the best 11 o clock torch song get cancelled? We all sound better in our living rooms anyway. Now is your chance!

Jokes aside, this is meant to be a space for artists of all mediums to share and create. Many were in the middle of rehearsals and will never be able to perform that favorite bit of their project on its intended stage. But it can be done here, and we welcome it.

Truly, anything goes. This can be a topic you want to discuss. This can be your favorite story. This can be your fire concept for the newest Jesus Christ Superstar. We have a lot of family and friends and loved ones in far-away places. Let's share some time and virtual space together.
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What would you like to perform? We can offer no resources and give you nothing so it's all up to you. Also, this means ANYTHING GOES. ANYTHING.(ex. from Sarah Ruggles "I really want someone to sing Cats with their cat.") One thing though, let's keep it under 5 mins.
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When are you available to perform? Check all that apply and we'll get back to you with a performance date!
And that's all, folks! We'll collect all the info and get back to you by the WEDNESDAY BEFORE YOUR MONDAY PERFORMANCE with a talent list and all the details you need. How excited are you?
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