General Rules and Guidelines for TheTransistor

This is OUR (if you are reading this, that likely includes YOU) hackerspace. Please help our group to keep this space awesome! Be honest, helpful, and friendly to all our members.


    - Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a member. You are responsible for your guests. - Please no more the 1-2 guests at a time. - Guests can use basic non-powered tools; Soldering Irons are fine. However, the Drill Press, Laser Cutter, etc are off limits to guests - Guests must be supervised by a member. They shouldn't be off on the other side of the space doing their own thing. - If you are organizing something big, a workshop or lecture, where you expect lots of guests (non-members), please communicate WELL before and update the agenda. - If you are the last to leave, make sure all lights and devices (outside of the server-room) are turned off, the heating has been turned down and all windows and doors are closed. Lastly, make sure the door is locked behind you (try to nudge it open).


    - Please refrain from touching / picking up / playing with things on members desks that aren't yours unless you have explicit permission. - Please keep your desk clean. Nobody likes a mess, even if it's not theirs - Do NOT leave your items on the floor or areas around your desk. - Desks / Cubicles are assigned based on seniority. We have a limited number. If you don't get a desk, we do have storage space for your projects


    - Most tools are available for all members to use - Some tools have usage fees (ex: laser cutter), if you are unsure what these fees are please ask - Some tools require additional training (ex: routers, saws, lathes, etc) - If you don't know what you are doing, get some help from someone who does - Exercise appropriate safety practices. We have eye protection, hearing protection available. Get caught without it and get banned. No exceptions. - Clean up after you are done! Leave the space in BETTER condition then when you found it. - Don't use anything that can hurt you if you are tired or alone! - If you break it, let us know, and then FIX it. You are responsible for the tools you use.


    - DON'T BREAK OUR SECURITY. If there is a problem, let us know and then help us update it please. - This includes network, servers, as well as physical security and so on!


    - Please respect all other members privacy. - This includes network / bluetooth / shadow files / and all other data and traffic. Please do NOT monitor ANY data or traffic without permission. If you are interested in InfoSec we would LOVE to set up a seperate network for this activity. Please help us. :) - If you see a problem, please let us know.


    - BE AWESOME. DON'T BE NOT AWESOME. - Be thoughtful, if someone is working on a project don't harass or distract them. - Be friendly with the other members. Let's keep a good atmosphere. - Answer the seemingly stupid questions that others may not know. We all started somewhere. - If there is a problem with someone being unawesome, please let us know. If this is truly the case bannings might be in order.


    - Pranks and jokes are ESSENTIAL to our hackerspace. Just make sure that everyone is having a good time. - Don't be a dick. Though dick jokes are totally alright.


    - Don't hesitate to ask questions - Member meetings are best for this, but anytime is good - Please POLITELY share your thoughts and opinions


    - We accept patches to these guidelines: In real-life, as with code, all is dynamic and up to change – don’t complain, make the change. - Don’t panic: It gets you around in the galaxy, guess it also counts in our space. - Communication generally works better than conflict. - The guy / girl mopping the deck deserves more respect than the non-existing captain. - No drugs, no alcohol abuse, or ye walk the plank! - There are no overnight quarters on board, so plan to go ashore every night. - Sharing is good, share your knowledge, creativity and code. - Respect is not forced, it is earned. - Parrots have no original thoughts; think, don’t be a parrot. - Lastly: BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!
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