SPSB Parent & Family Engagement Survey
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What school does your student(s) attend? (fill out a different form for each school if students do not attend the same school) *
Please answer the following about your experiences with the school you chose from above. *
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In my child’s/children’s school, the staff (e.g., administrators, teachers, counselors) build positive relationships with families.
When I walk into my child’s/children school, I feel welcome
I am invited to a variety of events about student learning (e.g., open house, new family orientation, back to school nights, or literacy/math nights).
The school offers an easy-to-navigate website with meaningful information.
School staff listens to my concerns.
I’m provided understandable data on my child’s progress.
In my child’s school, staff regularly communicates with me (e.g., communication notebook, letters, postcards, email, phone calls, texts, website, or newsletters)
I’m provided clear information about policies, programs, improvement efforts and events
The school staff consults me before making important decisions about my child’s education.
If my child receives additional supports, I am provided with information about these supports
The school staff keeps me well informed about how my child is doing in school.
I have a good working relationship with school staff in which we solve problems together.
I’m provided useful information about how to support my child’s learning.
The school partners with businesses and community organizations in a variety of ways (e.g., volunteer opportunities, field trips, guest speakers, mentoring, tutoring, or leadership team participation).
The school helps my family connect with community resources that we need
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