You're Still the One! ~ SPX Married Night Out ~
Who needs a NIGHT OUT?! WE DO!!!
After ALL we have endured together so far in 2020... you're STILL the one!
Let's celebrate together!
SATURDAY, October 17 from 6-7 pm in SPX Church (optional Mass & Happy Hour before), then go out on a DATE!!
Get your babysitter & plan your date NOW! You DESERVE it!

4 pm Mass @ SPX (optional)
5 pm Happy Hour Outside of Church (optional)
- We will toast with Quaran-tinis! Cheers to all these years of marriage!
6-7 pm Marriage Event in Church
- Hear some great speakers, including Fr. Colm Cahill & couples in our own parish.
- Non-threatening - we promise! You will not be put in groups or asked to talk. This is about you & your spouse having a nice evening together & growing a bit closer.
7 pm Leave for your DATE!
- Get creative & have a BLAST with this!
... make a reservation, order take out, plan a picnic, relive your first date, go for a bike ride, or have some wine on your back porch!

And to those who are nervous about a "marriage night" - NO! - you won't have to speak out loud, be in a group, or answer any questions. We get that question all the time! This event is low key, non-threatening, & private - it's totally meant to bring you and your spouse CLOSER together. Come casual, dressed up, whatever.

Take advantage of it & tell your friends to come, too! Supporting one another in healthy, loving marriages is one of the BEST things we can do in our community. Thank you for joining us & for passing the word!
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