Call for worldwide ambassadors for individuals and associations.
In the past, the Palestinian circus school reached a large audience throughout Europe, which led to a whole series of different projects.

The friends of the Palestinian Circus School want to unite all these initiatives and people because together we can achieve even more.

We want to be an ambassador for the Palestinian circus school in Europe and make people more aware of life under Israeli occupation. We want to financially support the circus school through various projects, partnerships and all sorts of small and larger activities.

We want to become a cozy breeding ground for everyone who has a warm heart for the Palestinian circus school and wants to contribute something in his or her own way. Everyone is welcome with all their small and large talents, ideas or just some extra hands during an activity.

Together we want to set up activities and also inspire others to do the same.

Many people have set up a lot of activities over the last few years, including sponsored bicycle tours, many chair projects, the production and sale of poppies, biscuits, school promotions, film screenings, circus benefit shows, second-hand markets and SO MUCH more ...

Enough inspiration to continue, but also the wildest new ideas are not too crazy for us. So don't hold back.
We are also always looking for contacts to give performances with our newest productions throughout Europe. Do you know festivals, or programmers who don't know us yet? Talk to them and bring them in contact with us. We are happy to bring our strong performances to every corner of Europe.

Our representations remain our strongest weapon against the dehumanization of our people.

We hope to be able to count on many of you to work with us to ensure that the Palestinian circus school will be able to educate children and young people in Palestine for many years and generations and give them the opportunities they deserve.

The Friends of the Palestinian Circus School is a non-profit organization established in 2013 to support the activities of the Palestinian Circus School.
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