UDOT Network Login Request Form (Consultants/Contractors)
For non-state employees needing access to a system on UDOT's network.

1. Enter information, hit submit, then an email will be sent to a system administrator.
2. The contact listed will be notified when request is completed.
3. If requesting several user accounts, complete the form for each user.
4. Call the Help Desk at 965-4901 if you have any questions.
Anticipated Start Date *
Date user will be hired, e.g. 4/05/2011
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First Name *
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Middle Initial
Helpful to have in case someone in system has same first and last name.
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Last Name *
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Email *
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State Email
If you have an active State email (@utah.gov) please enter
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Phone Number *
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UDOT Contact *
UDOT contact, manager or responsible party for which user account is being created
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UDOT Contact email
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Completion Contact
Add name and phone or email of anyone else to notify when account is ready
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Reason for Network Access *
Choose reason from list. If "Other" is selected please explain in the Additional Information section
I Have an ePM Account
For those needing access to MS Project
ePM User ID
Enter your user ID if you checked Yes
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Additional Information
Please provide any additional information below
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