Panther Homecoming Parade
We are Deep In The Heart of HoCo October 10 from 6-7! Your organization may have a float, drive, or walk the route!
All fees must be paid in advance for participation unless you receive a waiver from the organizer. All proceeds go to fund Student Council campus projects.

Float/Drive (includes additional members walking): $25
Only members walking: $15

Please feel free to email questions to

Organization Name
If you are an FRHS organization, please list FRHS before. For example, Spanish Club would list as FRHS Spanish Club.
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Sponsor/Contact Name
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Sponsor/Contact Email
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Means of Transportation
To effectively manage the lineup, please indicate the type of vehicle, trailer, and number of people walking in your group. (Example entry: Extra long trailer, extended bed pickup, and 20 students walking)
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Number of members expected to participate
Any additional information or accomodations necessary?
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How will you be paying for this?
Please email Sarah Flanagan and copy Becky Richenberg when payment has been made. Payments are due by October 6. Final lineup will be based on payment of entry fee.
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