Study on Public opinions of Mental Health and Neurological Disorders
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Researcher: Dr April Hargreaves, Email:



Welcome to our online questionnaire. This survey is about your perception of mental illness and neurological disorders. Your opinion is important to us. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this questionnaire. It will take you about ten-fifteen minutes.

For any specific disorder mentioned, even though they all exist on a spectrum, we would like you to imagine a 'typical' person with the disorder and answer with that person in mind.

We understand that the questions asked, and options offered as answers, are restrictive. Unfortunately this is necessary in order to conduct this research. However, if you have additional information or thoughts to add that are not covered in the questionnaire, there is space to include them in question 22.


Due to the content of the questionnaire and the general topic of mental health, it is possible that you may become distressed in answering the questions, particularly if they resonate with you personally. Should this happen, you have the right to 1) terminate your participation in the study, and 2) skip any questions that you would prefer not to answer or think about. A debriefing form will also be provided at the end of the questionnaire detailing the contact details of the researcher and other organizations you may wish to contact for further information on mental health.

While there will be no direct benefit from participation, studies like this can make an important contribution to our understanding of mental health issues. As such, the findings from this study may be presented at national and international conferences and may be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. However no individual participant will be identified in any publication or presentation. Individuals will not be offered any monetary or other rewards for their participation.


Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. All information gathered from you will be non-identifiable (we do not gather data on names, addresses, birth-dates). All data gathered will be stored by the researcher in a password protected file and kept, as per National College of Ireland policy, for a period of five years before being destroyed. You have the right to withdraw from the study at any time up until the point of submission of answers, after which it is not possible to identify and retrieve your personal response. There will be no penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled if you choose not to participate. In addition, your participation in the study may be terminated by the investigator without your consent.


The research project has been explained to me. I have had the opportunity to ask questions concerning any and all aspects of the project and any procedures involved. I am aware that participation is voluntary. I am also aware that my responses cannot be traced back to me personally.
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