White list for the book 'What is out there for me? The landscape of post-PhD career tracks' (authored by Natalia Bielczyk, precise date of release TBA)
The purpose of the book, is to give you an overview of the available post-PhD career tracks, and to help you in taking personal decision on which direction to go next. The book will also provide information on which doors to knock at, in order to have a smooth transition to industry, and to embark on the right track towards your new dream job. The book will be priced at a low rate so that hopefully, young academics working all around the world - and not only in Northern America and Europe - can afford it.

The expected arrival of the book at Amazon is mid-December 2019.
If you subscribe to this white list, you will be notified immediately when this book becomes available. You will also receive:
a) the first chapter of the book for free as a gift
b) the detailed table of contents
so that you can get familiar with the scope of the book and take your decision.

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