2018-2019 Taylorsville Social Media Corps Application
This application is for those seeking to apply for a position with the Taylorsville Social Media Corps. The Social Media Corps is tasked with providing news coverage on the city website, city social media accounts, and working closely with the Mayor's Office and the Chamber of Commerce to promote and engage the community in events.

The Social Media Corps will be a five to ten-member team led by Brandon Henderson. Brandon is a graduate of Taylorsville High School, the Smith County Career Center, and is attending the University of Southern Mississippi. Members of the Corps report to the Mayor. This position is VOLUNTEER only. You receive no compensation for this role. Students enrolled in a public school in Smith County can receive community service credit for their time served with the Corps.

The ideal applicant SHOULD have the following characteristics:
- A desire to keep the citizens of Taylorsville and southeastern Smith County informed of news and events in our community.
- A laptop or desktop computer running either Windows 10 or macOS Sierra (or later)
- A mobile device or phone running iOS 10 or later, or Android Oreo or later.
- A 15 megapixel camera or higher (can be DSLR or mirrorless, smartphone cameras are acceptable if the phone meets the operating system requirements)
- Should use advance planning to determine availability for events

We will take special consideration for applicants that may possess the following characteristics:
- A student attending a public school in Smith County
- A student attending the Smith County Career Center in the Information Technology class
- Any applicant that owns a FAA-registered drone, or unmanned aircraft with photo/video capabilities

The Town of Taylorsville has adopted an equal opportunity policy for this recruitment drive. Race, religion, ethic background, sexual orientation, WILL NOT disqualify you from serving on the Social Media Corps. All applicants will be considered on the same basis.

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