Core Committee Selections
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Various Departments
Editorial: Home to some really talented writers and thinkers, the editorial team is responsible for coming up with beautiful write-ups and thought provoking blog-posts. In addition, we got our very own Newsletter:" The Weekly Edge ".For far too long, we have suffered with a paucity of information we need. The Weekly Edge is a newsletter for everything in VIT. Join us as we traverse through the various facets of our college life: 'Read what you need'. Make sure you aren't rusty with your grammar when speaking with an editorial member nearby.

Media: They can be found covering every major happening on campus. Comprised of a bunch of really hard working folks, they're responsible for crafting strong relationships with other clubs and chapters. They are also entitled with the publicity of the club and are in a way - the very heart and soul of THEPC.

Management: The very backbone of the club. As the name entails they ensure the basics responsible for the functioning of the club. They are responsible for the venue permissions, event approvals and a lot more.

Design: A bunch of creative folks with impeccable visual taste. Every graphical post and wacky poster can be credited to them.

External fests: A relatively young branch, it's constituted of ongoing, enthusiastic individuals with an affinity for fests. They've been responsible for garnering many laurels for the club and will continue to do so in the future.

Events: The think-tank of the club. They're the brain behind every event; truly a force to reckon with! Think twice before diving into a rapid-fire round with them.

Outreach: Our outreach department aims at catering the needs of our society by reaching out to them in more than one way and using the young students' strength and their passion to do something for the people around them.

The selection process for events team and outreach team will commence after you made it into the club as a part of any other department.

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