Global Surgery Rotations (Residents)
If you or your program participates in any aspect of Global Surgery endeavors, please let us know by completing the survey.
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Name of Program
1. Does your program allow for any elective time within residency?
1a. If yes, how much elective time exists during residency at your institution?
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1b. If yes, what clinical years do residents have elective time? (Check all that apply)
1c. If yes, does your program allow residents to participate in INTERNATIONAL electives during residency?
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1d. If yes, does your program allow residents to participate in UNDERSERVED DOMESTIC electives during residency?
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1f. If yes, what support does your program provided for elective resident rotations at outside facilities (domestic and/or international)? (Check all that apply)
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Are the rotations solely clinical, or are there opportunities to do research, advocacy/policy work?
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Is your partnership open to accepting applicant residents from other programs?
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Does your program provide funding for residents to rotate at your affiliate facility?
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If not, then how are residents funded?
Please list the people in your department involved in global surgical activities.
Please indicate the name & contact information of your administrative staff whom we may contact for follow up information.
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