Princeton Writing Academy 2017/2018 Registration
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The 2017/2018 rates are as follows:
Semi-private session $35 per student per hour.
Private session $60 per hour/ $45 for 45 minutes/$35 for 30 minutes
In addition, a small material fee is due each semester to cover costs associated with the curriculum.

Information about PWA instructors can be found on the website:

Typical class locations include the Mary Jacobs Library, the West Windsor Library, the Plainsboro Library or the Princeton Theological Seminary library.

To register for a class, please fill out the form below and email to set up an initial session ($25). You will be contacted in late August when scheduling begins in earnest.
During this initial class your student will be assessed to see if there is an appropriate available group if they do not already have a learning partner arranged. The assessor will also determine which textbooks your student will need for class.

The curriculum covers reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and writing… and more writing. Nearly every student can make improvements in areas like increasing sentence variety, improving word choice, fine-tuning organization, crafting openers and conclusions, fortifying support for their opinions or responding to texts. Students also prepare for standardized tests and enter writing contests.

Class Structure
When the curriculum is effectively taught, there are many benefits to a shared lesson, which is why the lessons are developed with two students in mind.
Semi-private instruction is vibrant. The class includes writing exercises, peer feedback and review activities that rely on collaboration. Instructors highlight excerpts of weekly writing homework that are done well and things that need work. Students can learn from these observations- both what to do and what NOT to do. Paired students get the benefit of hearing how a peer responded to that same prompt they wrestled with for homework.
In addition, students learn to recognize and appreciate the insight of others as they discuss the class novel or listen to the thesis of an argument. As the cohort develops, there is a natural accountability, as students generally don't want to be the one who didn't study their vocabulary words or keep up with the reading.
Although group learning is the ideal setting for most students, private lessons can be an option, particularly for unique learning needs or in the event that there is no available suitable partner.

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