#MakeNCCount Census Video Contest

North Carolina Campus Compact and the NC Counts Coalition invite college students to participate in the #MakeNCCount Video Contest to raise awareness about the decennial Census 2020.

We are looking for innovative and short one-minute videos that highlight the importance of the census in North Carolina. The target audience is non-residential (commuter) college students.

Preference will be given to videos that target the historically under-counted communities. In North Carolina those include minority communities (African American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latinx), children under 5 years old, the foreign-born population, communities with limited or no broadband internet access, and renters).

Informational: Videos in this category include basic information on the census. This category could include history of the census, answer common questions, or include relevant information such as the fact that the census will be conducted online for the first time.

Inspirational: Videos in this category should inspire non-residential college students to complete the census form.

NC Campus Compact & NC Counts Coalition will select a first and second place winner in each category.
First Place: $450
Second Place: $200

The following are a few websites where you could find information on the census:

Students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs at any of the 40 NC Campus Compact member institutions (https://www.nccampuscompact.org/about-us/members/) are eligible to submit a video. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age.

Contact Irving Zavaleta Jimenez, North Carolina Campus Compact Assistant Director, at izavaletajimenez@elon.edu or at 336-278-7197

1. All participants interested in participating in the #MakeNCCount video contest must complete this form by Friday, February 28, 2020. Winners will be announced on March 9, 2020.
3. Contestants must upload the video into YouTube or Vimeo and submit the link of the video using this form (see bottom)
5. The NC Counts Coalition and the NC Campus Compact team will judge all entries on the following criteria on content, originality and Creativity, and Quality of the video submission . Judges’ decisions are final.
7. Any elements appearing in a submitted Video, including without limitation, audio, speech/voice-overs, stills, video, supers, or other audiovisual materials (collectively, “Elements”), must be entirely original, created and performed by the contestant or be in the public domain. Use of any Elements or other materials that are not original or in the public domain may result in disqualification of Video, in Sponsor’s sole discretion.
8. Each Contestant retains ownership of any Video s/he/they enter(s). However, as conditions of entry into the contest, each Contestant:
a) Warrants and represents that the Contestant owns all rights to the videos he/she is submitting, including, without limitation, the video or digital recording, and any performance contained in each video;
b) Warrants and represents that the contestant is the individual pictured and heard in the recording, or, alternatively, that the contestant has obtained permission from each person who appears in the contest entry;
c) Warrants and represents that: (i) his/her/their contest entry materials are original and have been legally obtained and created, and do not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other legal or moral rights of any third party. Upon submission of the video, the student(s) must submit a release form affirming that they have obtained any necessary rights and clearances and grants. Written documentation of those clearances may be requested of entrants.
10. Contestants, especially winners, agree to the use of their work by the sponsors in the ways stated above.

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