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Use this form to submit deals you'd like to be considered for inclusion in the UF Addict newsletter. We want to keep this to actual discounts or new releases, but we'll also consider books that are permanently 99 cents or free. ***Unless it's a new release, we don't feature books in a series that aren't the first book in the series.*** At this time, we only feature books on Amazon. Preference is given to books in Kindle Unlimited simply because we have a lot of readers who use KU. Newsletters go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Box sets are restricted to collections from a single series by one author or co-author team. If you submit your deal less than 48 hours from the date you'd like it to run, there's no guarantee we'll see it in time to consider it.
*Note: this is a free service. You'll notice there is no space for your email address. That is because we will not be contacting you to let you know if your book will be featured. This newsletter is to promote a genre we love, and we are not looking for this to become a job. Please do not message us asking if your book will be featured or asking why it wasn't.
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