United States Chess School Online: Coaching Application
Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a coach for the United States Chess School Online Program. Our classes are typically one hour long and conducted via ZOOM meeting. We have different levels of classes ranging from students who are about 2000-2100 FIDE, all the way up to students who are at the IM/GM level. Expect the classes to be very large, sometimes with over 50 students. Expect to teach about once every 2-4 weeks if your application is accepted.

Keep in mind that we are a non profit organization and that none of the kids will be paying for the lessons :)

Also big thanks to our sponsors: Dr. Jim Roberts and Chessable.

We expect all of our coaches to be above the 2300 FIDE level at a bare minimum (GMs, IMs, WGMs and some FM's depending on their qualifications and teaching history).

Please allow us at least one week to get back to you!
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Feel free to explain why you would like to coach at the United States Chess School. If you have examples of your teaching material or videos online, please share them with us.
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