Noted Journal PH PR& Design Team Application
Noted Journal PH holds a brand called Notedori. It is a handmade traveler’s notebook (from Manila) designed for all the adventure seekers & OC human beings existing on the planet. You can use this as your main planner, journal or diary.
We hope that with this kind of memory-keeping you'll be able to document your everyday musings, random thoughts, ideas, schedule & travel plans.

We are currently having monthly subscription box that contains Traveler's Notebook Kit with planner essentials. In line with that we want to create more planner related materials with interesting themes and layouts to cater our old and new subscribers.

It was a very big move and decision to finally open our team to other arts and crafts enthusiasts like you. We are now looking for PR & Design Team. We will be choosing three (3) lucky girls who will be part of our PR & Design Team 3-month trial. Yes this is still a trial to be able to see what really works for us.

If you are interested to be part of this amazing team, here are the requirements:

1. You should be willing to create digital art works exclusive for Noted Journal PH.
2. You should be online everyday (for communication/ coordination purposes).
3. You should be at least posting 3 to 4 times a week using our products, etc
4. You should be reposting all promos posted on our social media accounts
5. You should be willing to share your skills and talent in crafting by creating blogs/vlogs about your planner set up every time you receive items from us.
6. You should have at least 3,000 followers on instagram
7. You should have active blog dedicated for planners, journals & crafting.
8. Having a youtube channel dedicated for planners, journals & crafting is a plus
9. You should at least believe in the beauty and functionality of our products
10. You should be willing to work with a team that shares the same passion and not just because of it's perks and benefits

In return, these are your PR & DESIGN TEAM PERKS:
1. You will receive newly released items from us
2. You will receive monthly subscription box from us
3. Hopefully we can have a planning/journaling sessions together
4. You can offer discount codes for your followers every month
5. You will receive store credits randomly within your PR & Design Team timeframe.

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What can you offer to our shop when it comes to designing, creating digital art works etc? *
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