Join the European patient registry (Children and young people)
The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has quickly infected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. While many people with COVID-19 infections have mild or no symptoms, a significant proportion of patients can become quite ill. At this time, little is known about how patients with rheumatic diseases or autoimmune conditions, many of whom use medications and drugs that suppress the immune system, are affected by the virus.

This survey is for children and young people, to be completed by their parent or carer.

You will be able to join the study on behalf of your child by completing this initial survey that will ask about their medical history and medications that they take. Then, every week we will ask you to fill in a short survey to note any symptoms that they may have developed and whether they have been diagnosed with COVID-19. If so, we will ask you for more information about how they were treated and how they recovered from the disease.

We need to collect your email address so that we can send you the follow-up surveys. However, your email address is removed from the data before it is analysed. We will never share your email address with anyone else.

Please do not submit any other personal information (such as your name, address or contact details) with this form. You do not have to complete the form and are free to leave the study at any time. Any treatment or support you are receiving will not be affected if you choose not to take part. Information collected will be analysed anonymously by our research consortium. Your anonymous data, along with that of other participants, will be analyzed together to improve our understanding of how COVID-19 affects patients with rheumatic and autoimmune diseases. Your anonymous data will be shared with researchers to support the analysis of the results. Individual participants will never be identified. We plan to present the results of our study in various medical and scientific conferences, as well as publishing our conclusions in various medical journals. A copy of our privacy notice can be found on our website,

In this survey we ask about 'rheumatological conditions'. This also includes autoinflammatory diseases and autoimmune conditions.

The information you provide in this survey is not shared with your child's doctor or healthcare provider. If you are concerned about their symptoms or health, you must seek advice from their doctor.
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