Potential Uses for 1500 Coalton Road
On June 17, the Superior Town Board unanimously voted to approve a purchase agreement for 1500 Coalton Road - the former Land Rover facility. (More details here, including the full press release: http://www.lauraforsuperior.com/2019/executive-session-update-purchase-of-1500-coalton-road/)

While we are still under contract and the deal has not yet closed, I'd like to begin hearing from the community as to what you think we should do with the property if the purchase goes through. Full and formal community engagement will commence later this summer, but I believe strongly that the best ideas are often co-created with a variety of contributors - so I wanted to create this survey and make the results publicly viewable so that people can build upon each other's ideas. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

(Please note: while an email address is required, this will NOT be shared publicly. I will not be adding your email to any kind of listserv, but may use it to reach out individually for follow up questions.)

Finally, I want to reiterate that we are still under contract, and the deal has not yet closed. As many homebuyers know, there is a lot that could still change pending inspection / appraisal, so this is by no means a guarantee that the Town will indeed purchase the property! If the deal does go forward, we expect to close in August - so more official communications would be forthcoming at that time.
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At our Town Board Retreat on Monday 7/29, a majority of Board members said they were in favor of this facility initially being mixed use (e.g., part of the building would be leased to a private business while the rest is kept for civic use), rather than wholly civic use (e.g., community center, offices for Town Staff) or private use (e.g., restaurant, retail, office). Any further comments on civic / private / mixed use?
If any portion of the property were leased / sold for private use, what type of businesses or what specific businesses would you like to see here?
Which do you consider more important when determining the use for this building - the qualitative value to the community (e.g., you believe we need a brewery gathering spot in Superior), or the financial value of the potential tax revenue?
Maximize value to community
Maximize tax revenue
Clear selection
Any comments on balancing community vs fiscal value?
If any portion of the property were kept for civic use, what amenities would you like to see included?
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