Friendship Assessment (Mrs. Leatherwood's class)
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Do you know how to make a friend? *
I am a *
Do you have at least one friend? *
Are you having friendship problems with one or more of your friends? *
Do you get angry easily? *
How do most people learn about being a good friend? *
If you want good friends, you should: *
Good friends: *
If you want to be a good friend, you should: *
A friend must be empathetic, which means: *
If a friend does something that makes you angry, you should: *
By listening carefully when a person speaks, you show that *
If two of your friends don't like each other, you should: *
Why is empathy important in a friendship? *
Good friends should never: *
Being a Leader, helps us to be an example to others. When faced with a conflict with our friend, which Habit allows you to make sure you think about what your friend wants instead of what you want?
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Communication is so important in a friendship, and an important part of communicating is also listening to the person that is speaking. Which Habit does this remind you of?
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