Wilderness Readiness Survey
What GOALS do you want to accomplish with your wilderness experience? What is the PURPOSE of your transformational journey? Do you want to RECONNECT TO NATURE and yourself, BECOME A STEWARD of the Chilcotin Ark and LEARN FROM NATURE and the people you share your journey with? Do you want to experience a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY with people who share the same values and principles? Do you want to get back to basics with our WILDERNESS ACCOMMODATION options?

All of our wilderness experiences facilitated by Chilcotin Holidays, Bridge River Valley Accommodation, the Wilderness Training Academy and the Chilcotin Ark Institute are based on our Three Pillars of Personal Development, Nature Connection and Conservation and Stewardship as well as immersing you in our supportive community.

The wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains, located in the INTERNATIONALLY ECOLOGICALLY IMPORTANT CHILCOTIN ARK, is a truly special environment for people who want to connect to nature, invest in their personal development and contribute to conservation as a steward, within a community of people who share this philosophy.

Because nature is the provider of your experience, a limited commodity, we have to ensure we aren't over-taxing the environment we are benefiting from. It is also an environment that isn't for everyone. Nature creates unpredictable challenges, the days can be long and hard work. Teamwork is essential, as is being open-minded, solution-orientated and keeping a positive attitude. But for those who are ready for the challenge, the benefits are huge.

You already took the first step by exploring our website content – now that you’re ready to go to the next level we’d like you to identify your specific interests, goals and purpose for your wilderness journey. This survey will help you understand the experiences you will have in the wilderness, introduce you to our community philosophy, help define if this is what you are looking for on your journey, and prepare you physically, mentally and emotionally.

For whatever reason and for however long you are joining us, every opportunity to connect with nature, contribute to conservation as a steward and further your personal development with our community is available to you. Remember the more deeply you immerse yourself in your experience, the greater your reward will be. Personal responsibility, initiative-taking and accountability are key values that will determine how much you will get out of this experience, experience personal transformation and choose to fully participate in every opportunity. We are committed to contributing and creating value in other people’s lives. You can do this too by sharing knowledge, bringing a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and solution-orientated mentality to all that you do and by FULLY PARTICIPATING in every activity.

We would like everyone in your group, over the age of 14 years old, to answer this Wilderness Readiness Survey, so that your whole group is well matched for the experience.

This survey is for you to assess your readiness for journeying with us, this is your self evaluation. On many of the questions you will score your readiness on a scale of 1-5. KEEP A COUNT OF YOUR SCORE and at the end, you will have a final total. Each type of experience with us requires a different minimum score. This will help you assess if you're ready for that type of experience. If you don't get the minimum score for the trip you are looking for, assess if a different type of experience might be more suitable for you. If you are travelling in a group, everyone in the group should get the minimum score for the trip you are planning. COUNT YOUR SCORE AS YOU ANSWER EACH QUESTION SO YOU CAN SEE YOUR FINAL TOTAL AT THE END.

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