Mindcamp 2017 Session Submission
Session submissions are due by May 1. Earlier is better!!!

Important: WRITE OUT YOUR DESCRIPTION SEPARATELY BEFORE ENTERING IT HERE. If the form malfunctions (Imagine! A computer malfunctioning!) the info you send will be lost. Likewise, if you don't get an email acknowledgment for your submission within a day or so, email contact@mindcamp.org to check whether we got it.

If you haven't already, please send in your presenter details in a separate form here: https://goo.gl/forms/qoVr1Trf2hPZNsTw1

OK Ready? GO!

Oh, if you have a touchscreen interface on your device, and can't seem to type into a field, try tabbing from field to field rather than touching in.

Presenter Name(s) *
You submit your presenter information and biographies on a separate form, but we need to know who will present this session. Put the name of the main contact first.
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Email *
This should be the email of the main contact
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Short Session Title *
Two or three words MAXIMUM, if you make it longer we will re-name it ourselves
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Session Subtitle
IF you to want add a longer second part to your title, write it here. It will appear only in the full description of your session. (Examples are what appears after the colon in "No Fear Facilitation: Strategies to handle difficult personalities" "GaleForce Thinking: How to brainstorm when you're the only cloud in the room")
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This session is for.... *
Check as many as might apply
Provide a brief (±250 words) description of your session. Use clear, simple, jargon-free language. Be specific: explain what is the intention of your session, who it's for, and what people will be doing
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Learning Objective 1:
We need three BRIEF points (one sentence each) to go under the heading "THREE things you will get:" Write the first one here.
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Learning Objective 2:
Write the second point to go under the heading "THREE things you will get:"
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Learning Objective 3:
Write the third point to go under the heading "THREE things you will get:"
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What is the ideal length of your session? *
Sessions can be 60-90 minutes long, or can be a series of 4 x 75-minute sessions (Mind U)
Is there a maximum number of participants for your session?
If so, please specify the number
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What do you need to make your session a success?
Special needs, room setup, etc.
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For participants, the MOST important outcome of my session is... *
Please select only ONE "best match" — yes only ONE!
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Also matches
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To learn new information
To practice a skill or practice using a tool
To reflect on personal experiences or insights
To make something
Participants will spend most of their time... *
Only ONE "best match" — seriously!
Best match!
Also matches
Doesn't match
Learning and integrating new knowledge
Practising a skill or using a tool or technique of some kind
Crafting something new
Reflecting on, journaling about, or discussing insights
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