D.A.G.R - Sign up form
This sign up form is required to be filled in order to join DAGR. Once you finished the sign up form head over to #contact in the discord to coordinate with staff members for an interview.
General Information
What is your gamertag/nickname/name? *
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How old are you? *
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Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it? *
Where did you find out about D.A.G.R?
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Link your steam profile URL
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What is your discord name & ID? [ex User#2222] *
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Do you live in, or close proximity to US or EU? *
Which timezone do you live in? [Ex, CEST, UTC, PDT etc]
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Have you been in an Arma Unit previously? *
If you answered yes, which one(s)?
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Member expectations
Everyone will have their own experiences with arma and their own styles. However, in order for this unit to function you must be willing to adapt to our playstyle. You must obey our rules, follow our systems and respect the staff. Can we expect this from you? *
How would you describe yourself? *
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How active can we expect you to be? Main Operations are on Saturdays, and side ops during the weeks and finally trainings usually on Sundays. This also decideds if you become a static member on our unit structure or placed as reserve.
How many times per month can you join our main operations on Saturdays? *
Any paticular skill or ability that you have which could benefit the unit? (ex Mission maker, graphic designer, webb developer etc)
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Any questions for or before the interview?
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What do I do now?
When you have finished filling out BOTH our question forms (check second page) you may join our discord: https://discord.gg/aYuCxJH and go to the #contact channel to get in contact with staff to organise an interview.
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