UNC-CH Mental Health Ambassadors Application
The mission of UNC Chapel Hill MHAs will be: to promote conversation around mental health, destigmatize mental illness, facilitate support networks, and present educative programming on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill.

See Program Description at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kXM6YQfXTnW27h62JHQgWef4pMRQL_sHPO-y0RpU2G8/edit?usp=sharing

Applications must be submitted by 11:00 p.m. on October 10, 2018!
All MHA's must be available to complete the full-day (8 hour) Mental Health First Aid Training course on a to be determined date. (Also, the training will count as a Skills Training towards the Buckley Public Service Scholars program!)
MHAs must complete at least 2 presentations and a special outreach project per semester.
MHA is a one-year commitment. If you plan to study abroad, but would still like to apply, please indicate that under the 'involvements' section.
MHA's will meet monthly in person during the semester (dates will be posted soon). Students should commit to not missing more than 1 meeting per semester.

Part 1- Basic Information:
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Part 2- Getting to Know You!
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Please share your interest in mental health and wellness education. This can include any course work, volunteer work, personal experiences, etc: *
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UNC Mental Health Ambassadors will be presenting in classrooms, residence halls, and other campus groups/venues. This will involve preparation, communication skills, empathy and compassion. Please share how you feel this fits into your interests or life experiences thus far: *
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Give an example of a program, activity, or strategy that you would use to convey one of the following subjects: Conflict Management; Stress Management; What is CAPS; Diversity Awareness/Inclusion; Alternatively, tell us about a program you would be interested in creating! *
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Relevant Skills or Training you would like us to know? (No worries if not, this program is open to people of all backgrounds, interests, majors, etc!)
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If you join would you be interested in applying for a leadership position (President, VP, Treasurer, Media Coordinator)?
Thank you for applying, and remember that an [optional] reference letter should be submitted by the Oct. 10th deadline as well!
Letters can be e-mailed to unc.mha@gmail.com
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