Narrow Margin Tips
The Narrow Margin series seeks to highlight the voices of people who have been affected by voter suppression, disinformation and lack of access to the polls. Please help us tell your story. And thank you for playing a crucial part in this project.
How has voter suppression, intimidation efforts, disinformation or interference of any kind affected your life or your community? Tell us your story, or answer any of the relevant questions below.
Do you have a hard time getting the proper ID to vote? If yes, please elaborate.
Have you seen misleading information about how or where to vote? If yes, please elaborate.
Have you been discouraged from voting by threats of criminal prosecution or other intimidation? If yes, please elaborate.
Have you seen false information about candidates or issues? If yes, please elaborate.
Do you notice unfamiliar news organizations popping up on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds? If yes, please elaborate.
Thank you for helping with this project! If you are willing to become a source, please include your phone number, email address and/or any other way you prefer to be contacted. Our reporting team may follow-up with you.
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